Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What's a Girl to do?

The other day I went to my favorite salon to get my hair cut. It ended up being one of the best haircuts I have had in a while. Long layers.  Thinned out.  All equals less frizz for me here in South Texas and that is a very good thing.

Anyway, I was faced with the same dilemma I encounter each time I go to have my hair cut...

What do I do with my purse when I am taken back to have my hair washed?

It is quite the problem.

Do I....
A.  Leave my purse at my stylist's station hoping nothing happens to it.
B.  Take it back with me while I get my hair washed and risk appearing a bit paranoid.
C.  Leave my purse at home and just bring a debit card and my drivers license.
D.  None of the above.

What do I do?

I can tell you what I won't do.  Leave my purse at home.  I only leave my purse at home when I am going for a jog, otherwise it is attached to my arm.

So I wrestled with the issue internally while I was waiting to have my hair washed.  

Then I made my decision.

I left the purse at the station.

I just hope my mom is not reading this.  She just may  pass out from the stress caused from thinking about all that could have happened to my purse while it was left alone out in the open for everyone to see.

What about you all?  How do you deal with the purse issue while at the stylist?  Let me know.  I'm curious how others handle this whole situation.  
Take care,


Emily said...

Hmmm, thought provoking, Julie. Never worried about where my purse was while I was getting my hair washed, but when you go to Great Clips, the place isn't that big so you'd probably see something going on.

What about taking your credit card (don't need a license as long as the back is signed - trust me on this, it's in credit card processors contracts) and throwing the purse in the trunk of your car - prefereably before you leave the house, so everyone doesn't know to break into your car while you're under the spaceman-head blow dryer?

Suzie said...

Thats so funny I always think about that too. I take it. Id rather be pariniod than spend the rest of the day calling the credit card companies

D... said...

I leave it with the stylist. But, my mind goes through the same dilemma as you. Sometimes, most of the time, my husband is with me & I'll leave it with him.

You must show us a pic of your best cut!! My daughter wants to get hers cut before school. It's past her shoulders & she wants it chin length. Oh my.

Becoming Me said...

Hmmm...I usually leave it on my chair under a magazine...yeah I know, real tricky. But I figure that most people are escorted to a particular chair so purse swiping at a salon isn't that easy to do...perhaps I have too much faith in humanity?

Bubba's Sis said...

My stylist is a one-woman show - like she's the only one in there. I usually leave my purse at her station while she washes my hair. Or maybe I put it by the shampoo chair. Hmmm. Now I can't remember. Either way, there's usually no one else in there so it isn't an issue.

And yes! Post pics of the great new 'do!