Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let's Talk Tennis, Shall We?

This is where we spent the past 13 hours, in Queens at the US Open.
What a day, what a day, what a really great day!
We arrived at 10:30am, hung out at the practice courts and then headed into Arthur Ashe stadium to watch a lot of matches.
We saw Venus roll right through.
James Blake won after his opponent withdrew in the third set.
We saw Ana Ivanovic lose to an unseeded player in a stunning 3 set upset.
After that we saw Serena crush her opponent in one hour.
The last match of the day was Nadal against an American qualifier Ryler.
Great tennis, great commentating, great day. They have these American Express radios for American Express cardholders. They're small and hook on your ear and enable you to hear all the commentators. I'm not an American Express cardholder but the nice guy at the booth generously gave me one anyway. It was too funny. Nothing beats John McEnroe commentating.
I would try to write some witty stuff about our day and all the tennis, but its 1 am and I'm beat. Plus, we're headed back to the Open in a few hours for tomorrows match.
Take care,
Oh yeah, today the sponser was Evian water. They gave everyone this cool misting bottle designed by James Blake. Very handy.


Suzie said...

Wow you sure are seeing the town

Kristin said...

i haven't kept up for a couple of days and i can't believe you are in NYC - my parents are headed there as well. anyway, i must say you are adorable! love the hair. it's been so long since i have seen the short sassy haircut : )
hope you are having a great time!

D... said...

I'm not much of a tennis fan, I'll admit. But I can appreciate how cool it is that you've seen Andy, Venus, Serena, & listened to John McEnroe comment. I'm thrilled for you! Keep enjoying your vacation. :)

Anonymous said...

Sat., 8/30 - Hi. If this is a duplicate, ignore it - didn't think my first comments saved. Sounds like you gals are having a fun & great time in NYC...seeing & doing a lot. Glad you took care of 1st things 1st - like eating some of that delicious chocolate cheesecake! Praying for your safe trip home. Hugs to J,E,P. Love-Grandma.

Bubba's Sis said...

What an awesome experience!