Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I did not see this one coming

The other day I was doing some grocery shopping at HEB.

As I rounded the corner of the aisle I saw something that caught my attention.
At first I thought I was seeing an unusually tall, hairy woman with a sundress on until I got closer and realized it was a MAN with sunglasses, long blonde hair (it very well could have been a wig, I didn't stop long enough to get a good look), pink lipstick and a dress on.

Not what I was expecting to see in the pasta, rice and beans aisle.

(Just to clarify, the sundress was more among the lines of a sleeveless cotton nightgown like the kind my 80 year old grandma used to wear.)

What about you all? What is the most unusual sight you've seen while out and about? These ought to be good.
Take care,


Emily said...

The most unusual sight I've seen while out and about? My child asleep in the cart?

(sorry, I couldn't resist it!)

Julie, tell us what kind of shoes (s)he was wearing!!!!

Tales From the Eurovan said...

Hey Emily! He(she) was wearing yellow flip flops. I was trying so hard not to just stand a stare like kids do! Take care, Julie

Kristin said...

ok, while living in Florida we were on the beach and saw a VERY old man, a bit wrinkley (is that how you spell that?) wearing a stars and stripes speedo for the 4th of July. It was a bit unusual and a bit disturbing!

Suzie said...

I live in NYC so Im not sure Im a good judge of whats unusual anymore

Becoming Me said...

Holy Cow...that's a sight one is not expecting in Texas...Don't think I can top that...oh wait...perhaps...when I was in high school, our church's Interim pastor and his wife believed in breast feeding for as long as the child needed to...I once saw her 3 yr old and 5 yr old walk up to her during the service, lift up her blouse and start from each side...yeah...creeped us all out. I think breastfeeding a baby or young toddler is beautiful, but a preschooler and a kindergartener in the middle of a church service...uh not so much.

D... said...

Oh, goodness, I've seen so many. Why, just today, I saw something similar. A very large man that was dressed appropriately but had extremely long hair & was wearing very feminine shoes. Think a shoe with a heel. But, he had a full ZZ Top beard.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a man wearing a Superman outfit and a cowboy hat, preaching about the end of the earth on a streetcorner in New York City.

Tales From the Eurovan said...

Hey all! Thanks for the great stories....breastfeeding two kids in public at that age would weird me out too.

I think if the US mens olympic team didn't swim in star spangled speedos, neither should any of us!

What do these men in heels think? High heels is not a great thing for women, it's something we endure!

I have seen the guitar playing underwear guy in NYC. It's quite a sight!

Take care,

Bubba's Sis said...

My daughter saw the Naked Cowboy in NYC! That's probably the strangest thing SHE'S seen! She was about 12 and it embarrassed her!

Once while grocery shopping in the Randall's I saw someone in a giant bunny suit rampage thru the produce section, take a cart-load of carrots to the register, then run out the door. I just stood there dumbfounded.