Saturday, August 9, 2008

Almost 9 on the 9th

My sweet friend at does a fun post called "9 on the 9th". (By the way, thank you friend for helping this helpless blogger out with the info on how to change the date for my post!) I'm giving it a go and since my husband and I went to see Dark Knight on Friday night I decided to do 9 things I like about going to the movies. The sad part is though, I can not come up with 9! So without further ado, or mumblings here they are:
1. Movie popcorn...need I say more?
2. Ice cold Coke from the soda fountain
3. Comfortable reclining seats
4. Previews. To say I love previews is quite the understatement. I have been known to skip a movie if there's a chance I will miss the previews.
5. Two words...surround sound
6. Break from reality for two hours
7. Watching something that makes me laugh, cry and think.

That's it. What about you? What is your favorite thing about going to the movies? Do you go to movies? How often? Let me know and go check out my friend at
Take care,


Mrs. N. said...

Thanks soooo much for playing. I loved your list. I too love going to the movies...I like the alone time with my husband and getting to hold his hand in the dark...reminds me of being young again. I also love to see other people's expressions as they watch movies.

Because we are real life friends as well as blogging friends, I know you'll be ok with me posting this here...the meme is at All that Naz, not Becoming Me, but thanks for the plug. :-) Did you know that you can just write the name of the blog, highlight it, click the chain link and then add the url? I didn't learn that until I had blogged for at least a month. :-)

I am so glad you played and am also glad you are blogging. Your writing is fun. You've got talent.

Tales From the Eurovan said...

Oops! I am sorry I put the wrong link! I just assumed it would be at Becoming Me! I have so much to learn about the technical stuff for blogging! Thanks for the tip. Take care, Julie

Bubba's Sis said...

Thanx for stopping by my blog, Julie! I didn't walk in the Avon walk, but my BFF did in honor of my mom, who has beat breast cancer THREE times now!

Come by my blog anytime! I'm a Texas girl, too!

D... said...

I followed you from Bubba's Sis' blog. I agree with all your reasons why you like the movies. I'll add #8 enjoying it with someone you have fun with & someone to talk about it with and #9 the soundtrack. I love the background music on most movies.

I did the walk in April (ack the weather, huh? at least it kept things cool) in honor of Bubba's Sis' mom. I'll probably do it again this year too. You must be from Houston too?

casey said...

okay julie - i might just have to start a blog - i have to document the disney trip! it will be nothing short of a miracle if i come back married! or at the very least, sleeping in the same bed! :) it's the packing - it's got us all stressed out!

oh, and by the way, i am addicted to blogs - the other night i went to the bringtherain link from your site and literally sobbed reading her story until 2:30am! i feel like she's my best friend now and i do actually find her name creeping into my thoughts as i pray! i haven't commented at her site yet because she always has so many comments i figure there's no way she can keep up with that, but i just love her like she's my long lost sister! especially since i have a long lost sister!
i love blogs - especially yours, i loved reading your life for the past month and a half! love ya! case

Tales From the Eurovan said...

Hi D and Bubba's Sis! Thanks for stopping by! I am originally from the midwest. We live in Corpus and have lived here for almost three years. I am planning to do the walk this year with a dear friend whose cousin is going through chemo right now from breast cancer. I think my toe nails have almost recovered from the Avon Walk! I had so much fun. I did not stay at the Wellness Village. This girl needed a good bed! Come back to the blog again. Take care, Julie
And yes, you're right going to a movie with someone is great...I'm bad about commentating thru a movie. I know, it can be so annoying.

Tales From the Eurovan said...

Hey Casey! Yes, yes you need to start a blog! It is fun. Do you go to Kristin's blog? I can't believe how big her kids are now. There's a lot of good blogs out there. The Baby Bangs blog is written by Beth Moore's daughter Amanda. Big Mama is too funny. Her blog is probably my favorite. LPM blog is the Living Proof Ministry one with posts by Beth Moore and her daughters. If you want to cry, check out the Larry King Live interview with Steven Curtis Chapman. Unbelievable. Keep in touch. Can't wait to hear all about the Disney trip. Take care, Julie