Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Green Haired Kid

So this is our pool. Well, technically it's not OUR pool, it's the pool we pay money to belong to and swim in.

Yes, it's normally this empty. Although there was this one day last week when the summer camp kids came and it was really crowded, what with all 25 of us in the pool.

Since it's so hot here in South Texas we have been swimming at the pool a lot. So much so that I noticed my daughters hair has a faint green tint to it. I haven't been requiring the kids to shower after swimming. I figured the chlorine more than likely killed any germs on them and that they would be fine till bedtime baths. Apparently, I figured wrong.

Here's where I need your help. Do you all know of any kids shampoos good at getting rid of chlorine? Please let me know. Maybe in a few years my daughter will want to make a statement with green hair, but not right before she starts kindergarten. Thanks! Take care, Julie


Suzie said...

There is swimmer shampoo but I cant remeber the name so I guess that doesnt help. But coat their hair with conditioner before they swima nd that should help it from turning any greener

D... said...

Oh man! I have heard of this happening. I believe there is a shampoo out there especially for pool hair. Try Wal-Mart, Wal-Greens, Target...

As you know we live in Texas too and our subdivision does NOT have a POOL!!!!!! Bummer.

Anonymous said...

You can also call a higher end hair salon and ask if they have anything. My neighbor cuts hair and she says there's a "hair mask" type thing that will leach out the chlorine.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. The comment from the spa owner was only a small part of my adventure there that day. I should blog about the whole thing :-)

Tales From the Eurovan said...

Thanks for the advice! I went to Target and picked up a bottle of Suave's 2 in 1 Swim and Sport Shampoo that claims to remove chlorine. I thought I will give it a try tonight at baths. Plus, I'm going to coat the kids heads with conditioner. Maybe it will help them swim faster!

Nyla said...

Actually, since have a pool...I feel that I have a lot of knowledge in this area! Especially since my daughter went through this last year. (And we had to cut her hair) There are plenty of things you can do to PREVENT it...but once she has...it needs to be cut. There really isn't a shampoo that works. If you find one, let me know.

My stylist (he does hair for many of the celebs...and I totally trust him) told us to wet the children's hair BEFORE they get in the pool. He also told me not to waste the money on swimmer shampoo. The hair is like a sponge and will hold onto the first thing it comes into contact with..so soak it with the hose or sink. Ever since we did that...no problems...ALSO, I dont' know if you want to go this far...but the chemicals in the pool you are going to are off...so if you wanted to let the association know...that would help to. It has too much copper in it...which is what causes the hair to turn green. (Our best friend is a pool cleaner..and he told us that).

I hope that helps you.

casey said...

hey julie - i use paul mitchell shampoo #3 - i think it's called "clarifying" and then a good conditioner on lucy. it's not tear free so be careful. it might not help with the green hair thing, but it does get rid of the strong chlorine smell.

also, chlorine is bad for the kids, it is super drying and just toxic, but also sam had a super bad rash from pool chemicals (it didn't bother him, but it was really red and raised, it bothered me a lot!) when we were at the pool a lot earlier this summer (swim team). it was mostly on areas where his swim suit rubbed his skin. i had to bathe him right after swimming - at the pool, we didn't wait to go home. that helped a lot!
so, there's my two cents! :)