Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rocking Around Our House

One of our errands from the other day was stopping at a music store. See while on vacation my oldest child inherited my husband's electric guitar. Just for the record, it's over twenty years old and it weighs a ton.

I told my husband the good news for our son is that if guitar playing doesn't work out, at least he will be the only 8 year old with bulging biceps.

While at the music store we had the guitar fixed and my son spent his birthday money on a Fender amplifier.

What have we gotten ourselves into?

Since our visit to the music store, the decibel level has risen exponentially at our house. It is like a rock and roll star has taken up residence. The surprising thing is though, the rock star is my husband. Now I knew he liked to play his acoustic guitar. I just didn't realize he likes to rock.

Who knows, if his career as a doctor gets old, maybe we can go on the road and tour.
Take care,

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Suzie said...

At least its not drums

Kristin said...

How funny! I would love to see John rocking around the house - you don't often see that side of him. Maybe Jack can learn some moves from him : )