Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hot Diggity Blog!

I know what you are probably thinking. "What a corny way to start a blog."

And you are right. It is. However, I am so excited to be starting my own blog that I just could not help myself.

I hope you will stop by often and please feel free to comment. As long as they are nice comments, not mean ones. My skin is not thick enough quite yet for tough words, although my enthusiasm is high enough to cover a multitude of sins.

Stay tuned for more posts coming soon, as in just a few minutes. I can not figure out how to put a section of "about me" stuff on a side bar and not have it limited to 1200 characters. Therefore I am writing it as a post. I think I will call it, "About me, the Unedited Version". Catchy, right?

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it.

1 comment:

Morning By Morning said...

Welcome!!! I am new too :)
I just started last month~ it is so much fun!!!!