Tuesday, July 15, 2008

About me, the Unedited Version

Here it is, just like I promised and longer than 1200 characters. Once I am not quite so technologically challenged (like that will ever happen) I will move this post to a side bar you can click on and read.

I am sure some of you are laughing as you are reading this because it probably takes something very easy in order to do what I just suggested. Oh well, just so you know what I am working with here in regards to my non computer savvy skills, let me just say I took typing my freshman year of High School back in 1985. My teacher would play the Pointer Sisters or The Four Tops and we would then type in unison to the beat.

Try it.

Get the tune to something like, "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch" by The Four Tops going strong in your head. You know the words, "Sugar pie, honey bunch. You know that I love you. Can't help myself. I want you and nobody else." Now try typing to that beat. Kind of gets you typing in a great rhythm, doesn't it?

That was typing my entire freshman year and now you know the extent of my computer education, which is to say I have none.

On that note, let's move on.

My name is Julie and I am a mom to three kids. Two boys and one girl, all in a four year period of time. My youngest baby weighed 10lbs and 2 oz at birth. If that does not earn me an extra crown in heaven, nothing will.

I have been married to my husband for almost 13 years. We met in college and he had long curly hair and drove a Volkswagen van. It was love at first sight (of him and the van). He no longer has long hair, but we do drive a Volkswagen van.

Like I said before in my profile, I am a Christian saved by God's grace. I am convinced that He loves me, in fact is wild about me, which just goes to show what an amazing God we serve considering I never thought I would truly believe that statement.

I am originally from the Midwest but have lived in Southern Texas close to the water for over two years. I love living in Texas. It give me the freedom to say "Hola!" and "ya'll" in the same sentence. Plus, it really is true, everything IS bigger in Texas...the heat, hair and humidity.

I love to read, listen to music, go to movies, take long walks, sleep and travel. Most of our travels lately have been road trips which is a blast with three kids who somehow have bladders the size of a grape once we get in the van.

I was a teacher before having kids. I taught Jr. High for a couple of years. God bless Jr. High teachers. In fact, I take back what I wrote earlier about crowns in heaven for women who birth large babies. Jr. High teachers should be the ones to earn an extra crown. I also taught 4th grade at a public school in Harlem for part of a year until I got pregnant and would need to leave the room to go vomit.

I am excited to have a blog. I have wanted to do this for a while but somehow life with three kids, one husband, a dog and fish got in the way. The way I figure it, if I stop watching "Dog the Bounty Hunter" at night I should have plenty of time to blog. Hope you enjoy.


Mrs. N. said...

Too cute! Welcome to blogging. I am so glad you started this. I loved reading your clever words. Now, all you need to do is write a short mission statement,and sign my Mr. Linky and you'll be set for a the blog tour. Pretty please? :-) Keep having fun with this blog and e-mail me if you have any questions.

sara said...

Welcome to bloggy land!! I came over here from "all that Naz". I love finding new blogs/new friends and even more what I learn from each one. Enjoy!!!

Nyla said...

Welcome to the blog world. Your life sounds pretty familiar to ours! We love the Lord, have two boys, one girl, teach 2nd grad...but we live in CA! I found your blog because I am thinking of hiring your friend to make my blog a little more savy! Welcome!

duganheimer said...

Hi Julie. Can't wait to read what's going on in your life. I was actually just thinking about you yesterday. It's strange not seeing MOPS moms over the summer!

Well, take care and good luck with your blog.

Joy said...

Welcome to blogging! You sound like a fascinating and fun person!!! I'm Joy. I have two little girls under the age of 3. We're working on number 3!

~Rhen said...

Welcome to blogging!
I love your intro. I love that you know God is crazy about you. I feel that way too. :)
I look forward to reading more.