Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Elizabeth Jane

I am going to be honest with you all, I always knew I wanted to have a girl, even if I only admitted it to myself.

Why? I am not exactly sure. Maybe it was because I grew up in a family of all girls. Maybe it was that I figured I would stand a better chance of having success in parenting a girl, since I am one and all. Maybe it was so I could buy great girl clothes for her. Or maybe it was because there weren't any girls of either side of our families. Whatever the reason(s), I wanted a girl.

We had an ultrasound early on to confirm the pregnancy. I knew as soon as it would be possible, I wanted to know whether we were having a girl. Partly so I could "plan" but mostly because I was too curious to wait.

When I was far enough for the ultrasound to confirm what we were having, I had the ultrasound done.

"You're having a girl." I was told. I remember asking (more than once) "Are you sure?"

Elizabeth Jane.

Her name was chosen before, long before her. She would be named after my older sister, Elizabeth and my grandma, Mary Jane.

Ellie is what she would be called.

I ended up being induced a few days earlier than my due date. My OB doctor said my fluid looked low and and suggested induction. I felt as if I was ready to burst so it didn't take much to convince me.

She was born right after midnight, a beautiful, peaceful, laid back baby...qualities which haven't changed over the last 6 years.

After she was born the doctor noticed something unusual with my umbilical cord. She had what is called a "true knot" which is a complete knot in her umbilical cord. No one knew how long it had been there, only to say that had she had been born later, her ability to get nutrition through the umbilical cord would have been cut off with potentially fatal results.

Thank you Jesus for bringing our little girl safely into this world. I am grateful.

I love this little girl who is growing up right before my eyes...our animal loving, no training wheels biking, great swimming in the pool, always sharing little girl.

I love you Elizabeth Jane.

Take care,


Emily said...

She's so beautiful, too. Goodness, how much your kids have grown up since you packed up the wagons and headed west!

Suzie said...

I always wanted a little girl. Yours is a beauty. SO glad shes ok

Mrs. N. said...

Oh...beautiful post about your beautiful and sweet sweet girl

Bubba's Sis said...

She's a beauty! Aren't girls great?

(Yes, boys are great, too - I've got those, too. But girls? Special!)

D... said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Jane! Our good Lord certainly knows what He is doing. So glad she was born safely and is A-OK! She's adorable!

I knew the minute I was pregnant with my daughter that she was a girl.