Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is going to be one heck of a ramble!

Right now I am at home while all the kids are at school. I have ABBA's number one hits CD going as loud as it can.

This is going to be a good post, if I can get it written because of all the breaks I'm taking so I can stop and sing along. Tell me, is it possible to stand or sit still while ABBA is on? I don't think so.

Pardon me for a second, "Mamma Mia" is on.

Ok, I am back.

Let me just re-introduce myself, it's been a few days. I'm Julie, I have a blog, "Tales from the Eurovan". Here's the problem though, our van is still in the shop. TWO weeks later. I'm not going to complain about it, I know life is a lot worse for folks reeling from Ike. Plus, the VW place loaned a Passat to us while the van is being worked on. We just may not give it back!

"Dancing Queen" is on right now. I never knew the line was..."Dig in the dancing queen." Now I know.

Last week we rented a Dodge Stow and Go van for our little hurricane evacuation trip to San Antonio. The kids loved it, lots of room, automatic doors, all good stuff. If we ever decide to get one I guess I'll have to change the name of the blog to , "Tales from the Dodge Stow and Go".

All of us in South Texas are loving the fall like temperatures we are experiencing. Let me explain though, fall temperatures to someone is south Texas is a comfortable 72 degrees, not low sixties like in the mid-west where I am from. Yesterday I started putting out "Fall" decorations. I never did that the first couple of years we lived here. Somehow putting out fall pumpkins and leaves when it's 80 out just didn't seem right.

The other day my daughter's kindergarten teacher asked me to sub again on the 29th of September. I am excited. This time I will be prepared. I know how to handle who rests by who, which kids can go to the bathroom together and not be gone 15 minutes and I will ask ahead who the line leader is supposed to be. (Apparently this is a BIG deal and threats of unfairness ring out if the same child gets too many turns.)

I talked to my family in Ohio today. Apparently they were hit pretty hard on Sunday with strong winds from Ike (gusts of up to 75 mph). Lots of trees down, power out for a couple of days. It's so odd that we were a couple of hours from the storm and we were fine and here they are over 1,000 miles away and they were out of power for several days.

I believe I am completely out of ramblings for now. I'm going to go and focus all my energy into folding about six loads of laundry.

Take care,


Suzie said...

Who doesnt love ABBA? Enjoy the folding

Becoming Me said...

You are so stinkin' funny. Miss you!

Kristin said...

oh julie - i've not seen that side of you - rambling....but dancing queen is a great song - abba is a great group - isn't listening to music loud just great!
and i would love to get a stow and go someday....oh, and i saw a eurovan last week and thought of you. ok, enough of my rambling : )
miss you!

Bubba's Sis said...

Love ABBA! "Dancing Queen" is my fav!

D... said...

No, it's impossible to sit still while ABBA is on.

I don't decorate for fall because of the same reason as you. Plus, I'm not much of a decorator. ;) I do so miss the crisp air of fall.

Have fun on the 29th. That'll be our kids first day back to school. Yes, you read that right!