Thursday, September 4, 2008

How do you spell "frustration"?

We drive a volkswagen van. (pictured at top) It's a vehicle we love. It's where I got the name for this blog. When you have little kids in car seats, it's perfect. There's only one problem.

Volkswagens can have problems and when they do it is expensive to fix them.

Recently we noticed our van was beginning to leak oil. Then the air conditioner went out a day after that. Since we live in south Texas where the temperature has been an amazing 100 degrees lately, going without air conditioning is not an option. My husband took our van to our local mechanic which is very close to our house. They took one look and said NO WAY, leaving us with the only option of taking it to the dealer. I guess we could do nothing and drive it until it catches fire or we pass out while driving from the heat, neither of which is going to work.

Wednesday we dropped off the van at the dealer here in town. Waited all day to find out what was wrong only to have them say they got backed up and wouldn't be able to look at our car until Thursday. On Thursday my husband called me around lunchtime to say he had some news about our car.

Not the good news we were hoping to get.

Apparently both fans of the air conditioner are broken as well as some pipe which is causing the oil to leak. All to the tune of over $2,000. That's right two thousand dollars. Do you know what we could buy, where we could go, what we could do with two thousand dollars? Painful best describes it.

However, we are not naive. We knew Volkswagens have expensive parts. We knew it, but were hopeful we would not have to deal with problems.

We were wrong.

All this to say, it's going to take several days to get our van fixed which is the reason for the second picture, our rental car.

Have I mentioned I have three kids? One in a booster and one in a car seat? That's my eight year old son standing beside the car. Did you see how he's almost as tall as the car? Have I mentioned I drive the kids 25 minutes to school and then repeat coming home?

I think we are going to have some very close bonding moments in the next couple of days due to our close quarters.

Isn't life great?

What about you? How do you spell frustrating in your life?
I just have to say it feels good to be back home and get back to the blog!

Take care,


Emily said...

Hmmm, 3 kids, 100 degree heat, tiny car...all you guys are going to need are red wigs and big shoes to make endless entertainment for the neighbors. Wish I were there for the "big show".

Family bonding at it's finest.

Good luck! :)

Suzie said...

E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G but soon i hope to relax

D... said...

Oh my. That is a pretty good spelling of frustration! I'm sorry you have to deal with all that.

I spell frustration just trying to get back into the swing of working/school (kids). I'm worn out all the time!

Anonymous said...

9/4/2008 - Just think of the family together-ness you'll have! Reading your blog brings back some family memories we've had due to car problems. Sure makes for some fun stories LATER YEARS when the family is together & going down memory-lane! Good talking to you today - love and hugs to all of you. Grandma

Bubba's Sis said...

Oh I'm so sorry! At least the rental has good a/c, right?!? And the smaller car will cool off faster! These 100 degree days are killing us, too!