Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

My baby turns 4 today. Four. I can't believe it. We've been talking about this day for a long time and counting down the days until it arrived, but it still seems to catch me by surprise.

My little guy is growing up.

In all honesty though, "little" is not a good word to describe him. He's been big since the get go. He weighed ten pounds and two ounces at birth.

Yes, you read that right. 10lb. 2 oz. Born naturally and he never even got to wear newborn diapers. That just doesn't seem right.

Big. Big in his size, big in personality, big heart, all boy and full of life.

The other day he got a birthday package from my older sister in Ohio. I kid you not, his hands were shaking with pure excitement as he tried to open the gifts. With each gift he opened he stood up and shouted, "It's exactly what I wanted!" Kind of makes you want to give a kid like that the world.

Lately he has been into playing Candyland. We probably play about 4-6 times a day. Whenever he wins (which happens almost every time and I swear I do not rig the cards) he wants me to shout, "Give it up for Pete!" and then start clapping wildly. He thinks it's absolutely hilarious. It really gets him going if I pretend I can't stop clapping, as in "Oh no! Pete, I can't stop clapping! AAHH!!" Lots of laughs. (By the way, here's how you can tell if someone is a dear friend or not. Remember the other day when I taught in my daughter's Kindergarten class? Pete when over to my dear friend Yvonne's house for the day. She knows all about his love for Candyland and while he was there they played several games of CandyLand. Pete had her doing the whole "Give it up for Pete!" and clapping wildly for him. I'd say that's a good friend!)

He is confident and happy. Loves school and doesn't even look back when I drop him off. I have to find him to give him a kiss good-bye.

When he was a baby I used to sing him the chorus from one of my favorite artists, Chris Rice. It was on his Amusing cd. The chorus went something like, "and to our dreams we'll gladly go and see you in the morning. You are the light you are the proof the Lord looks down and warms my roof. You are the light you are the sign that I am loved and life is mine." I can't think of that song without remembering my baby.

So, let's, "Give it up for Pete!" today.

Happy birthday baby. Mommy loves you.

Take care,



Debbie said...

Happy Birthday. Let's all give it up for Pete. What a cutie. Yours is the second Candyland post I've read today. Weird? Candyland conspiracy? Hard to say. And honey - 10 pounds, 2 ounces? OUCH!

Kristin said...

oh julie, i remember the day he was born and visiting you in the hospital....i started crying while holding him knowing that i would probably be moving away from you and all our friends that next summer!....and here we are 4 years later - both have moved away and man....i can't believe pete is 4.
oh, and my sister had a 10pound 8 two are quite the women!
have a fun day!!

D... said...

Happy Birthday, dear, sweet, Pete! He sounds like an amazing child. I can feel your love for him.

I can not even imagine a 10 pound child coming from me. Wow. Let's give it up for Julie too!

Bubba's Sis said...

Givin' it up for Pete! WooooHOOOOOO! Oh no! I can't stop clapping!!!!!!!

Becoming Me said...

Holy cow, he was as old as Z-man is now when I first met sweet pete...He is such a pure joy!! We miss him!!