Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Eurovan Saga Continues

I feel so tired right now! I just watched Serena win the US Open . Great tennis. I'm hoping Federer wins tomorrow. I am disappointed Nadal lost. Once Andy Roddick lost I was hoping for a Nadal/ Federer match, however, now I'm hoping for Federer win over Murray.

Just a quick van's not fixed.

After I got home Friday from picking up the kids, dropping off the rental car and getting a ride home, I get a call from the dealer telling me that although they had the van fixed (I believe he used the words, "It was purring like a kitten"), the fuel pipe broke. It's not their fault, he tells me, but since he feels bad it happened he is not going to charge us for the labor to have the pipe fixed.

Bottom line? More money and no van until Tuesday afternoon.

It's a volkswagen.

Take care,

PS Can I just say I don't care for the TV commercial (I just saw it) that uses the baby talking like an adult to promote its product. (I think it's selling stocks) The baby just spit up everywhere. I think it's a gross and an odd commercial. Am I just missing something? Do you all know what I'm talking about? Does anyone like it? Let me know.


Emily said...

What? You have a problem with weird talking babies? It's okay, I get creeped out by Burger King's commercials, which made me doubly excited when Domino's axed their marketing company and adopted BK's company. Hopefully they resurrect the Noid or Weird Andy, instead of something like the creepy King.

Are you guys still piling into the clown car?

Suzie said...

I havent seen it yet. Ill keep and eye out for it though.

Bubba's Sis said...

Yeah, it's kinda weird. There's another one with that same baby and a clown. Creepy.

Sorry about your van woes - you shoulda bought a Chevy! ;-)

(Yes, Hubby is the Service Manager at the local Chevy dealership! Just had to get that plug in there!)

D... said...

Ugh. I am so sorry about your van troubles. I know how that feels. Bites.

You are not alone in your hate of that commercial. Bleh.

Nyla said...

Sorryto hear about your van! What a bummer!
I have no idea what commercial you are talking about.