Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Teaching and Vomit on my Black Suede Shoes

On Monday I had the chance to substitute teach in my daughter's kindergarten class.

Her all day kindergarten class.

Her all day kindergarten (that didn't have 45 minutes of music in the morning because the music teacher didn't make it back after evacuating for hurricane ike and I had the kids without a break from 8:15-1pm when they went to PE) class.

I loved it! (Although a morning break would have been useful for little things like going to the bathroom)

I believe every parent should be required to substitute teach in their child's class at least once a year so they can gain perspective and understand what teachers do day in and day out without a lot of fanfare.

Let me just say that while I loved it and hope to do it again, I was exhausted and my feet hurt.

Teachers wear sensible shoes for a reason.

I should know.

I used to teach.

One time when I was teaching 6th grade I had a kid throw up all over my black suede shoes.

Let me repeat that: "BLACK, SUEDE SHOES"

To adapt the lyrics from one of my favorite songs of all time,"Lake Marie" by John Prine, "Do
you know what vomit looks like on a pair of black, suede shoes? Disgusting! D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G!!"

Anyway, it smelled, my shoes were ruined, and I began wearing more practical, vomit proof shoes to school.

All this to say, it was a fun day. I loved getting to see my daughter in her element. She was so happy to have me as her teacher and thought it was just the coolest thing, ever. I want to capitalize on that because all too quickly she will grow up and suddenly it will be embarrassing to have your mom teach your class.

Take care,


Emily said...

You crack me up. I still remember from church you walking in in this plain, understated outfit and some outrageously awesome foot couture. It's hysterical, but completely in character for you that it's be a shoe incident you'd be traumatized with years later. Thanks for making me giggle AGAIN.

Suzie said...

I run my kids school. Im so glad they see it as cool otherwise they'd really be out of luck

D... said...

I'm thrilled that it was a good, but exhausting, day! I know I certainly gained a new perspective once I started working in a school too.

Vomit on your shoes? Disgusting for sure! I bet they were pretty shoes too....

Becoming Me said...

You are too funny. Seriously, if I taught elementary school, I would have to wrap plastic bags around my feet and wear clothing made of vinyl
or pleather...yeah, a pleather clad elem teacher...I'd be a hit with the 'rents.

Debbie said...

I sub in my son's intermediate school. You are right, every parent should do it. The perspective you gain is incredible. Haven't had the vomit on my shoes...yet.