Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Her bite really is worse than her bark

I want to introduce you to our dog, Rosebud.

She is a real killer.


On Friday my oldest son ran in from the backyard yelling, "Mom! I think Rosebud KILLED something!"

I said, "What do you mean she killed something?"

He replied, "There's BLOOD mom, BLOOD!" (This got the attention of his sister and younger brother as well as myself)

We all went outside and sure enough, there it was...a small pocket gopher, covered in blood and still alive (barely). My first thought was, "Oh, how gross! I think I'm going to get sick!" followed by empathy for the poor thing struggling to breathe. I looked over at my almost 6 year old daughter to see how she was doing. She is THE official animal lover in the family along with my husband, who unfortunately was at work. I said to my daughter, "How you doing sweetie?" She said she was sad and felt bad for the pocket gopher.

Poor, innocent, pocket gopher holding on to his life by a thin thread.

This is where I have to interject that my husband disagrees with me completely on this point. He argues that the pocket gopher got what was coming to it and that Rosebud was only doing what she was designed to do, which is hunt and dig and chase down these creatures. My husband is quick to point out that the "poor, innocent pocket gopher" has torn up our yard on multiple occasions, done considerable damage to our grass and are generally a big nuisance. Let me also say that my husband has tried for the better part of TWO years to kill the pocket gopher problem in our yard with no luck.

He's tried: flushing them out with the hose (futile because they have miles of tunnels under the ground), smoking them out (did not phase them a bit) and poisoning them (nothing happened and it probably tasted like candy to them). My husband even threatened to borrow a gun and "blast them away!"


Until our 4 pound miniature yorkie got a hold of one.

To say my husband was proud of her would be a huge understatement.

So, we let the pocket gopher die in peace. At least that is what I am telling myself. Truth be told I really was not up for putting the gopher out of its misery.

I must say I do feel a bit safer with a killer dog at our house. Plus, I have not seen a pocket gopher since.


Emily said...

Ahhh, nothing like when the pets bring home the prize, is there? Our cat Tiger has a penchant for catching garter snakes and bringing them to our door. Did Rosebud strut around after her successful hunt? Tiger always spends a few minutes walking around like a parade queen. Funny, sad, and a little bit morbid all at the same time.

OT, I got the magazine...thanks so much! It's going to work with me today. :)

Suzie said...

Yuck poor slow gopher.

D... said...

Goodness. What a life lesson for the kids, huh? I couldn't have put it out of its misery either. I just don't do well with that kind of stuff.

How is your daughter doing now?

Anonymous said...

9/9/08 Hi - Do you ever have a quiet, uneventful day around your house? I guess one thing is for sure & that's with a family you won't run out of "blog material."
Thinking of you and praying for you. Hugs and love to all - Grandma

Nyla said...

I remember when our dog tried to bring in a dead mouse it found in theyard! Ugh! I agree with your hubby! Go dogs for killing unwanted rodents!

Becoming Me said...

On one hand, my heart swells with pride for your little Yorkie. Let's face it, out of the many hundred breeds of dogs, I would probably rank the Yorkie just above the Bichon Fries and right below the Chihuahua in the list of K-9 killing machines. So in that sense..."you go little Rosebud, show those who call you a fru-fru pooch that your made for more napping in a handbag.

Yet, on the other hand, I'm thinking, yuck and ohhh, "Poor innocent pocket gopher. He has no map...in fact this land belonged to he and his kin." Plus I hate to see things suffer. I even kill bugs quickly.

Bubba's Sis said...

I've never heard of a pocket gopher. But yay, Rosebud! And ewww....not sure how I would have dealt with that...

Bubba's Sis said...

P.S. We are staying put for Ike. They are very uncertain about where it will go - right now I think ya'll are in the bullseye but if the high pressure system shifts it puts us back in the bullseye. Regardless, we're staying here. We bought all our hurricane provisions and we'll be fine. We rode out Alicia in 1983, we can make it thru Ike, too.