Monday, February 2, 2009

Who Needs the Superbowl when you can watch the Puppybowl?

Our kids love "Animal Planet". Let me rephrase that, our daughter loves "Animal Planet" and her brothers have no choice but to watch all manner of animal shows when it's her turn to control the remote. Last week she saw an commercial for the "Puppybowl" telling how it would be airing on the "Animal Planet" all afternoon the day of the Superbowl and during the Superbowl.

She's been reminding us for days that it's coming up.

Guess what we had on our TV Sunday evening?


Hours and hours of it. We watched the kittens play, all sorts of puppies and highlights from past Puppybowls.

The kids loved it.

Yes, we do have another TV, but we were watching a replay of the amazing, incredible Australian Open between Federer and Nadal on that TV.

We did manage to catch a bit of the halftime show and my husband watched the end of the game after the kids went to bed.

Just so you know, we did eat chips and queso like all good Texans while watching the "Puppybowl", if that counts for anything.


Stephie said...

I abosutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Puppybowl!!! I watch it every year. It cracks me up! And what's even funnier is my dog sits and watches it too, pawing at the tv!!

Suzie said...

Good lord I am so happy I did not have to see that

Debbie said...

The puppybowl is much better! Good for you.

D... said...

Awww! I missed it! I was too busy watching commercials waiting for the Office to come on.