Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh my goodness, what an episode of LOST!

Spoiler Alert: If you haven't watched Wednesday's episode of LOST, go watch it and then come back and leave your comments!

I just have one thing to say about tonight's episode: JIN'S ALIVE!!!!! So somehow he lived through the freighter explosion, floated out in the ocean far enough to get caught in the time travel zone and he is alive and time traveling like the rest! Talk about giving Sun a reason to get back to the island! Did you catch the preview for next week with Ben telling Sun that Jin is alive and he can prove it? Wow!

I guess I do have more than one thing to say about tonight's episode, it's just that Jin was the one I just had to write about first! :)

Favorite quotes of the night? Sawyers,
1. "Time travels a b#t$h!"
2. "Thank you Lord!" when they time travel right at the time they are being shot at
3. "I take it back!" after they time travel and end up in the pouring rain.

Speaking of Sawyer...did you see the googly eyes he and Juliet are starting to make at each other? I'm betting there's a hook up between those two sometime in the near future, emphasis on near not future!

Who's the creepy lawyer representing Claire's mom and Ben?

I loved Hurley's phone call to Jack telling him he followed Sayied's advice and is safe and sound locked up in jail.

Other favorite quotes:
1. Kate's "I've always been with you" spoken to Jack on the boat after they were rescued
2. Juliet's "Really bad jet lag doesn't make you hemorrage" after Charlotte is unconscious on the beach.
3. Locke's foreshadowing with "I have to make them come back even if it kills me" Ooooh, gives me chills! :)

I believe Daniel's comments to Miles about the nosebleeds occuring on those who have been on the island the longest points to the fact that Miles has been on the island previously and I still believe Miles dad is the guy in the Dharma video.

Finally, what's with Sayied and tranquilizer darts?

What did you think of tonights episode? Let me know.
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D... said...

I just can't think about anything other than the fact that Jin is alive!!!! Oh I am so happy! So Very Happy!

How weird about this time travel. So, it's 3 years later in LA. But the only island images we see are 2 months after everyone left. Does island time move that slowly or are we not seeing what's going on now? So Very Confusing!

I did notice the chemistry going on between Sawyer & Juliet. Hmmm....

Great episode! Jin's alive!!!!

Debbie said...

I finally got to watch an episode without taping it! Yeah me.
I just love Sawyer's lines so much. I guess we'll have a little "partner switching" going on between Sawyer, Kate, Juliet, and Jack.
I had not thought about the creepy Dharma man being his dad. Fascinating. I bet you're right!
I just love this show.

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

I lost your phone number---we so need to talk. :-)

I seriously think that I saw Julliet's heartrate speed up when she saw a shirtless Sawyer walk up on the beach at the season finale, so I agree, there is chemistry there.

I think you are right about the spooky dude being the son of the Dharma guy.

My fave line of the night is when Locke said he didn't go back and warn his past self because he needed that pain to make him who he is now...even though I'm not so sure I like who he is now...

I still don't get why the Island needs them back.

Or why the Others took the kids---Others in Training? Or did they return the kids to their homes secretly???

And what is with Charlotte's connection to the Island??

Crystal said...

The more Juliette and Sawyer the better. That means no threats to the Jack and Kate relationship....which I really want to succeed. That "I've always been with you" line was so great!

Posted my thoughts here:

Bubba's Sis said...

The whole time travel thing is making it very confusing! But I think I'm keeping up pretty well.

I don't understand the nosebleed thing - Charlotte hasn't been on the island before, has she? I agree that Miles is the Dharma guy's son, so he's been there. But why isn't it happening to Daniel? In a flashback we saw him on the crew constructing the Orchid station, so he's been there before. Very strange.

I liked Locke's line about needing the pain to make him who he is now - a good life lesson!!


Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Found your post thru Rocks in My Dryer...

Loved this episode because of the character development. I would love to see Juliet and Sawyer be an item. I agree with Crystal - then Sawyer won't be a threat to Kate and Jack. I know most people are ga-ga over Sawyer, but I just adore Jack! Made my heart skip a little to see the interaction between he and Kate in this episode.

Dr. N said...

Locke's line about the pain making him what he is today was also my favorite line.

I hate to burst ya'lls bubble regarding Sawyer and Juliet, but that relationship is only about one thing--SEX! They each are wanting someone else and are looking to console their frustrations at not being with that someone else (and I think we all know who I'm talking about).

Suzie said...

I liked it. Thats the French woman right as a young woman with Ben's adoptive daughter in her tummy?

I miss those pop ups though

I also think somethings going to happen with Sawyer and Juliette