Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Spoiler Alert: If you haven't watched tonight's episode, do not read the following! Go watch LOST then please come back and post any comments you have.

Alrighty it just me or do you slightly get the sense of some resolution going on? I do. It feels ever so slightly that we are beginning to get more answers to our questions. Things are slowly starting to come together.

Let me just get the gross out of the way.
1. Charlotte's death. Maybe it's just me but I thought it was down right creepy. However, it did answer what we all suspected, and that's that Charlotte had been on the island before. Any guesses if her mom and or dad will be revealed? Or if their identity is important?

2. The french guy losing his arm to the smoke monster. Yuck! I had to take a close look to be sure that yes, that really was his ARM that was pulled off! Now though, we know how Danielle ended up alone on the island. Anyone hoping we get a flash back showing how Ben kidnapped Alex from Danielle? I am.

3. Locke's broken leg. Ewwww! The bone was popping out! Oh my! Now we know how he exited the island. What's Jack's dads connection to this? Why was he there? My sister's theory is that Jack's dad could be Jacob. I think she may be on to something. Any thoughts?

Other Information Revealed tonight:
Surprise surprise! Eloise Hawking IS Daniel Faraday's mom. I'm happy to say I floated that theory before tonight! (only after I read other people's thoughts that Ellie could be Eloise and then I put two and two together! :)

1. What did you make of Charlotte saying when she grew up on the island as a kid that there was a "crazy man" who she was afraid of and that he told her to never come back to the island or she would die and the kicker was she thought the crazy man was Daniel? Thoughts anyone?

2. What is Jack's dads connection to this all?

3. Will Desmond go back to the island?

How about next week's preview! Man it looks good! Could they really be coming together to go back as soon as next week?! That's all I have for now. Let me know any thoughts, comments or questions you have, I love reading them!

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~*Michelle*~ said...

Hi there!

Fellow Lostaholic here.....I put up my theories too.

And can I tell you.....we seem to blog about the same stuff. We serve a great God, don't we?

Have a great day....until next nosebleed..I mean next week!

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

OK---So everyone is loving last night's eppy and thankful for all the answers...I'm actually more confused than ever.

Bubba's Sis said...

My addled brain is so desperatly trying to keep up! I did notice that the name on the side of Ben's van is an anagram for REINCARNATION - we certainly have seen a lot of people "come back from the dead" so to speak. I KNEW Charlotte had been on that island before! I'm thinking Daniel has been traveling around in time for a while and he went back to when she was a girl and told her to leave the island. Just like he told Desmond to find his mom. But I do want to know who her parents are. Could Ben be her daddy, too? And I want to see how Ben got Alex from Rousseau. He didn't change her name....that is curious. Actually, a whole LOT of it is curious! Can't wait for next week!

Tales From the Eurovan said...


Kudo's to Bubba's Sis about the whole van anagram! I completely missed that one!

Thanks for stopping by! And yes, we do serve a great God! :)

Take care,

Dr. N said...

1. Danielle would seem like a crazy man to any little girl, even before we get to the part where he is hysterically tell her not to return so she won't die in her future/his past.

2. Maybe he was there before and left. "The Island" wanted him back and caused the crash.

3. It seems inevitable.

D... said...

My poor tired brain can't comprehend anything. I always just watch and try not to think too hard about it. Ha!

My one coherent thought. Did Rousseau and Jin never meet before anyone left the island? Cuz, since young Danielle met Jin, wouldn't the "older" one remember him?