Monday, January 5, 2009


The kids are back at school today, the decorations are almost all put away and I am settling into the new year. I love January! Really I love all the months for different reasons but I am a sucker for the new year and new year's resolutions. I go for it each year. I may not write a list of resolutions, but I have them in my head. My husband on the other hand, doesn't go for the whole resolutions thing. His philosophy is "be consistent throughout the year so drastic measures aren't needed come January." I see the value and truth in that, but it has never stopped me from making a list. More than anything what I like about new year's resolutions is that they give me a chance each year to make a do-over, make some something different, try something new or make self improvements. I like that. I need that. I don't have to be stuck in a rut or a role forever. I guess more importantly new years resolutions give me hope...I CAN change. So even if I don't lose 20 pounds or learn to speak spanish fluently or travel to Europe in 2009, I can do something...dream. You know what? Surprisingly, little by little those new years resolutions from years past DO get accomplished, maybe just not in the time frame of a year.

What about you? Any new year's resolutions? I would love to hear about them.
Happy New Year!
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Debbie said...

I won't bore you with my resolutions since I already posted about them. But, I am jealous that you have your decorations put away. That is what I am doing today. Bittersweet.

Suzie said...

I already did one I weaned my baby! Wee!!! Now I have to learn how to drive

D... said...

My tree is put away. Does that count? ;)

I don't do resolutions. I know myself all too well. However, I do like to change or improve on something. This year, it's all about needlework. Ayup.

Happy New Year, Julie! Just a couple more weeks & we'll have Lost to dish about!

Becoming Me said...

Happy new year...I am terrible about making resolutions...I kind of share John's approach now..but I think it is more out of laziness than principle

Kristin said...

I can just hear your hubby saying that! my resolution? - to keep on with the working out - 5:30 comes too early each morning, but once i am up i feel much better!