Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's all LOST

Spoiler Alert: Alright people this post is all LOST, so if you are one of those who were unable to watch last night, consider yourselves warned!

Where do I even begin?

Let's talk about Hurley since he had me rolling with laughter!
1. How about his yellow "I heart shih tzu's" t-shirt? Too funny.
2. Favorite quote of his to Sayid: "Maybe if you ate more comfort food you wouldn't have to go around killing people!"
3. Loved the coversation between Hurley and his dad about Sayid:
Hurley, "he was shot with a dart."
His dad, "Where were you, the zoo?"

Let's talk about Jack and Ben:
1. Since when does Ben care enough about Jack to help get him sober by flushing his pills down the toilet? Loved Jack's response, "Yeah, I was just going to to that."

1. Who was Jill (from the barber shop)?
2. Is Miles dad the guy in the Dharma initiative videos?
3. What's up with Charlotte? Is she pregnant? Or is she going to die just like the guy on the boat who we saw when Desmond met him on the freighter? Remember him? He went crazy and then died.
4. Is Daniel Faraday's mom the lady with the white hair we saw Ben talking to?
5. What is the significance of the 70 hours Ben has to get everyone to the island?
6. When we saw Daniel Faraday down in the orchid station, when was that? Was it during his two hours he was gone getting his backpack or was it some other time entirely?
7. Are the people left on the island representing some sort of hell? And, will Locke be their "Messiah" since he was told he would have to die in order to save the island and get Jack and the others to come back?

Let me just say, I am so happy to have LOST back. I can't wait to see how this will all play out. I read somewhere that last night was the last time we will see Jack's yucky beard! I also read that next week's show I believe does not include any of the oceanic 6.

What about you? Favorite moments or quotes or thoughts? I'd love to hear them!
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Tales From the Eurovan said...

Ok, I should have said Who is Jill from the butcher shop, not the barber shop! Yeah, proofreading a little might help!
Take care,

Suzie said...

Thank you for the warning. I didnt read your post but after I watch tonight Ill look tommorow.

I bet it was good wasn't it?

I hope it has those pop up again I loved those. Stops me from thinking who's that guy again?

I hope the Island moves again that was so cool. I wanna do that and pop up somewhere warm and pretty with frozen drinks.

Debbie said...

I did not watch it yet and I did not read this post:) Thanks for alerting me.

oh amanda said...

Yeah, the 70 hours was so random. I'm interested to see more of Mrs. Hawking...I hope she IS Daniel's mom!

D... said...

I was able to watch! Yay!

#8 Who are the lawyer's clients? The ones who want the blood sample from Kate.

I do hope that is the last time we see Jack's beard. And, I hope, he's much happier this season. He really broke my heart last one.

I have a horrible memory. I can't pick out favorite quotes or anything like that. I would hate to have to start taking notes to keep up! ;) I did like the ones you mentioned.

As usual, there are more questions than answers. What is going on???? Stay tuned, huh?

D... said...

Thought of a quote!

Locke: When am I?

Yes, I'm pathetic. I've been thinking all this time. I ended up having to call hubby. Sigh. My memory....

Bubba's Sis said...

I do believe the white-haired British lady is Daniel's mom. It never occurred to me that the Dharma guy could be Miles' dad, but it certainly makes sense, especially since they showed him with a baby....

Why doesn't Sun have her daughter? Why did she show Kate a picture of her daughter as a baby when she's nearly 3 years old? Is Jin really dead?

So many questions! I can't wait for next Wednesday!!