Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not that I am excited or anything

It's finally here. After 8 long, agonizing months the day is here. I have been counting down for awhile.

To say I am excited would be slightly understating things.

LOST premieres tonight 7pm CST!

I just might have to update and countdown throughout the day as it gets closer! Anyone else eagerly awaiting tonight like me? My husband said to me the other day as I was talking about LOST, "You sound a little addicted to the show!"

Spoken like a true non-LOST fan.
Somethings just can't be understood by another!

Take care,


Suzie said...

I am excited too.

From one fan to another. I have to DVR so please dont give anything away in your post tommorow. Please! or put spolier alert on your post.

Debbie said...

My son asked me last night what we would do about watching it because they have orchestra practice. So, I'll be taping it and watching it later. I'm with Suzie - be sure and warn us if you post about it.

Bubba's Sis said...

Me me me!!! I'll be watching! I've been counting down like you - I'm so glad it's finally here!!

Tales From the Eurovan said...

Thanks for the advice about the spoiler warning! I'll be sure to do that!
Take care,

D... said...

I plan to watch it tonight, however, my daughter is struggling a bit with some new orthodontics. Gasp, I may have to wait!!!!! Yikes.

Kristin said...

we are ready here! have the dvr ready to record it and then we can watch it without commercials : ) - and it starts during the time we are getting kids ready for bed - but know we'll be watching up here : )