Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treating Texas Style

Here are a few pics from our Halloween here in Texas.
Yes, that is a pony my daughter is on. No, we didn't go door to door for candy on ponies. Instead we went to a festival at a local church in town. It was fun.
(The funny teeth and glasses came home from kindergarten in my daughter's goody bag. They crack us up!)
Where we live there are very few kids and mostly "winter Texans" or retired folks. Which translated means- lots of walking for very little candy!
So, we joined friends and had a great time playing games, eating junk food and the kids getting plenty of candy as well as pony rides. There was one game the kids did that reminded me that all is well in our world when we live somewhere that still participates in a time honored Halloween tradition...bobbing for apples. Honestly, I was surprised to see it. All I could think of was all the germs getting into the water from the hundreds of kids who bobbed for apples and got their spit in their too! But hey, we all need to live a little and risk contracting the flu, right?! My oldest did the bobbing game twice and even said it was his favorite of the night.
Did you all ever play the game as a kid where you tied either an apple or marshmallow to a string, hung it from the ceiling, put your hands behind your back and tried to grab the apple or marshmallow with your teeth? Ahh...good memories.
Hope you all had a great day.
Take care,


Debbie said...

Wonderful pictures. Looks and sounds like a great time. I remember playing that game with an apple suspended. Good times!

Emily said...

Gawd, Julie, now I know why I get nervous when you post pics of the kidlets - it makes me feel so OLD, and makes me think you guys have been gone too long!

I'm with you, bobbing for apples = kids gargling with Purell. Uck.

D... said...

What a fun evening! Glad ya'll enjoyed yourselves.

It was more like The Halloween That Wasn't at my house. We usually spend the holiday with Bubba's Sis & family, but this year we didn't. I felt bad for my son (the girls went to a youth group party). When asked what he was for Halloween, he answers: Myself. lol I took him out to eat & got him a milkshake. It's been a "rough" couple of months for him, but he's remained happy.

Anonymous said...

11/6/08 Hi - Cute pictures of the kids - glad they had a fun time. We had 3 kids trick or treat our house, & 2 were G & E. Nice evening & we didn't want to run out in case we got a lot of kids so each trip I made to store I brought home more candy bars for a total of 30. Guess what I've been munching on - I put them in freezer but they're so good frozen. Love - Grandma