Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hard to Imagine

Recently I read a review for the movie "Call + Respond". (you can read the review here)In a nutshell, this movie is a documentary created to highlight the plight of slavery around the world. I was shocked to learn that there are more slaves in the world today than ever before. Check out the review and check out the link to the movie. The preview is pretty disturbing. One of the quotes from the movie that caught my attention was, "Justice is what love looks like in public." Think on that for a while.

This reminds me of a story I read in our local paper recently about a 13 year old girl being stoned to death in Somalia. I looked the story up on Amnesty International. You can read the story here. I am always shocked at the Barbaric ways we decide to execute people, our own country included. What got to me though, was the part about the spectators. 1,000 people watched this poor, helpless child meet her death by means of stoning. The article said that someone who ran to her aid was shot dead. It also stated that nurses were on hand to check her and the first time they checked on her she was still alive so she was placed in a hole in the ground and the stoning continued. This is just heartbreaking.

I am not writing these stories to depress us. It's just that somtimes, often times, I get so caught up in my life that I am unaware of what is happening around the world. Then, when I become aware of all the pain and suffering that is taking place, I feel overwhelmed to know what to do or how. What difference can one person make, right? Wrong. One person can make a difference. How? Start slow. One thing you can do is sponser a child through Compassion International. ( Compassion International is a christian organization that seeks to provide the basics like health care, education, clothing and food for impoverished children around the world through monthly sponsers like you and me. For $32 a month you and your family can make a difference and give a child hope. Recently a group of bloggers for Compassion took a trip to the Dominican Republic. They were able to see first hand what a difference sponserships are having in the lives of these kids. You can read about their amazing stories here. I may never conquor the world, but I can make a difference, no matter how small it may seem.

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Suzie said...

That is very very sad

Suzie said...

Here's the recipe:
weet potato pie by me

4 large sweet potatoes
some honey
some vanilia
some cream
some butter

cook sweet potatos in microwave until soft
add honey
add vanilla
add cream
add butter taste
add more stuff until it tastes good
when good add eggs
pour in pie crust
top with mini marshmellows
cook until set

D... said...

The world can be a very cruel, barbaric place. Makes my heart cry.

Meredith's Memoir said...

Dear Julie,

My name is Meredith Dunn and I work for Compassion International. I came across your blog this morning and just wanted to let you know how much I, as well as the rest of Compassion, appreciate your support and sponsorship.

It is people like yourself that lend their voice, time, talent, and treasure to spreading the message and ministry of Compassion that makes it all possible.

We are truly grateful for all that you do.

Blessings to you
Meredith Dunn