Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Dilemma

Around this time of year my husband and I have what can be classified as one of our biggest "discussions" of the year. It's not about money or santa or where to spend the holidays but rather it concerns a somewhat "family tradition".

The Christmas family newsletter.

Do we write it this year or skip? If we've moved during the year or had a baby then yes, which for a while was an every year occurence since we moved and had a new child pretty often. If we are going to do a letter, who is going to write it? My husband says I use too many exclamation marks in my letters! And that I make our letters sound sooooo dramatic! Imagine that!! I say that my husbands version makes us sound dull like we could be a page out of one of his medical journals. (DISCLAIMER: Not all medical journals are dull. Some are in fact rather interesting and gross with their pictures, just ask my kids and myself)

What to do what to do? I don't mind writing the letter, I just don't want to address all the envelopes. Also, since I blog I don't feel the need to condense our last year into a letter. If you want to know about our lives this past year, just read my blog. We may skip the family newsletter this year. I will keep you informed concerning our newsletter dilemma. What about you? Do you write a letter, send cards, email a letter, do nothing or call people? Let me know.
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katemcdonald said...

blogging so counts! Maybe I will send out cards with my blog addy on them...and the words THIS IS MY CHRISTMAS NEWSLETTER


what do you think?

D... said...

I don't care for family newsletters. The ones *I* receive all seem so pretentious. Maybe it's just the people I know. ;)

I do send out Christmas cards. But, I admit, oftentimes I am horrible about sending them. I take procrastination to a whole new level!

Bubba's Sis said...

I'm not fond of the newletters, either - like D..., the ones I get always sound so pretentious. I figure if someone needs a letter from me to know what my family has been doing for the past year, then we're probably not very close friends to begin with and it's not worth the bother. But that's just me.

Debbie said...

I haven't ever done a letter. I usually just send a photo card and write on the back.