Thursday, December 4, 2008

Friday's Favorites

Yes, I am back with Friday's Favorites! If you are new to this you can read about it here.
Last week my husband and I went on a date, a real date that included dinner and live music. Jon McLaughlin was in town and I jumped at the chance to listen to him live. He's on tour to promote his recently released second album. (If you've never heard of him you can check him out at Some people know him b/c one of his songs was featured in the movie "Enchanted" and he performed it in the movie as well) His first album, "Indiana" has been on almost constant rotation on my ipod this past year. He is an amazing piano player, but not only that, he managed to make the concert rock while playing the piano along with the rest of the band. He ended the concert with "Industry" and for his encore did "Human" and "Beautiful Disaster" which are all off his first album and were by far my favorite songs, along with "Beating my Heart". He played at a place here in town called Brewster Street which has a restaurant and an outside open patio with picnic tables and a stage. Thinking about this concert made me think of other concerts I have been to, so today's Friday Favorites is a list of some of my all time favorite concerts, in no particular order:
1. Over the Rhine: This was the first date and concert my husband and I went to. Over the Rhine was playing in Cincinnati, Ohio (which is where they are from) at a place called "Sudsy Malone's". Sudsy's was a bar/laundromat and if you brought in a load of laundry to do they would waive the cover charge. I remember the concert was so good and I was in heaven just being there with John, great, great memories.
2. John Prine: I saw John Prine with my husband in Des Moines, Iowa probably 10+ years ago. I remember Todd Snider opened up for him. John Prine is such an amazing story teller through his songs. I remember yelling out "Lake Marie" (which is one of my top 10 songs of all time) after every song and yes, he did do the song and it was just amazing.
3. Nanci Griffith: John and I saw Nanci in Ohio a long ago. I remember this concert as just being fun. I love her voice, love her music and the crowd was into it as well. It was a bit of a smaller venue and it just felt pretty intimate.
4. Counting Crows: I saw them at Polaris in Columbus, Ohio. Polaris is an outdoor place. It was a beautiful night and my sister came with John and I. We were on the grassy area where you just sit down on blankets. I remember two things about this concert, Adam Duritz, the lead singer was just mesmerizing...he did this probably 10 minute version of "Round Here" that was incredible. The second thing I remember is that this couple came around and asked if they could sit on our blanket with us. We said sure, so they sat for awhile and right away it became apparent that they were completely drunk. After a few minutes the girl just leaned over and puked all over the corner of our blanket! They both apologized and then got up to leave. My husband pulled out his swiss army knife, cut off the stinky puke part, threw it away and Voila! we continued to enjoy the rest of the concert!
5. Jars of Clay: This group is one of my favorite bands. I saw them in Iowa last summer. It was an outside concert and it was fun. I saw them last December when they were on their Christmas tour with Third Day. My friend Yvonne and I waited in line to meet them. They were a group of guys that I could picture my husband and I hanging out with and having over to dinner.
Other great concerts...
REM: Saw them in Ames, Iowa and I remember Michael Stipe stood with his back to the audience. I say it was almost the entire concert, my husband says it was not that long. Any way, the concert was good.
Chris Rice: Saw him at a fair and he performed outside. It was a perfect summer night and it was lots of fun!
Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, etc. Lots of great times
Well, that's it for now. What about you? Do you like going to concerts? Any favorites or good memories? Tell me about it, I'd love to hear!
Take care,
P.S. I asked my husband his favorites and he seconded the Over the Rhine, REM, Jars of Clay and added: Lenny Kravitz, The Rolling Stones, Bare Naked Ladies and the Ichthus festival.


Emily said...

Yasar and I don't usually agree on music, but I do have a great memory of Aerosmith at Polaris, me pregnant and getting a wicked contact high from all by fellow concertiers.

Do I need to say that was our last concert?

We had a great time watching Clay (Josh and Liz Fronduti's band) when they came to Grace. They're awesome! But, alas, no contact high. LOL!

Suzie said...

Im too old for concerts when I was teenager I went to hard core shows (as I was very punky) now the music hurts my ears and I need a place to sit down (sigh)

D... said...

I love going to concerts but they are too expensive now. My very absolute fav was going to Bon Jovi with Bubba's Sis. I also really loved Paul McCartney, Elton John, Bon Jovi back in the 80s with Hubby, Bryan Adams (my 1st concert), & Matchbox 20, again with Bubba's Sis. I can't even remember all the concerts I've seen, back in the day.

Sadly, my REM experience didn't make my fav as it did yours. We went to see them before they were hugely mainstream. They sounded horrible and this drunk girl kept hanging on Hubby (when he was still boyfriend).