Friday, January 8, 2010

Math student of the day

On Tuesday I spent the day observing in each of my kids classes. This is something the school requires each semester but even if they didn't I would sit in their room anyway. Observing your kid in class gives you such an insiders view into how they spend the majority of their day. I've learned a lot when I've sat in their classes.

I got to Ellie's class in time for Math. Since I was there, Ellie was chosen to be the Math student of the day. (this means they get to lead the class in various math related activities like the calendar, weather, time, counting, etc.) I immediately got my camera out to start snapping pictures of her shining in Math. After I took this picture of her she gave me "the look" and mouthed "No!" to me! :) I had to laugh since it's classic Ellie, not wanting any attention drawn to her no matter what.

Have a happy weekend!

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